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Questions from Jordan Miller- SL Tribune

Latino students are the second largest demographic in Utah Schools. What would it mean to you

to represent one of the state’s most Latino Districts?

The Latino community is a diverse group. The term Latino covers many people from

many countries and many cultures. They have the same academic needs as all their classmates.

Any improvements that I would support as a State School Board member would support the

overall academic standards and expectations in Utah schools for all students. We need to

support each and every student.

To the extent that there are any language barriers present between the parents and teachers,

Utah schools must provide staff that is fluent in the home spoken language to ensure that every

parent has all the information they need to support their child’s education. This is the

requirement for all languages not just Spanish. I am a strong supporter of parents and

improving the communication between schools and parents and teachers and improving the

opportunities for parents to be involved in their child’s education.

What do you hope to do, if elected, to help bridge the educational gaps for the Latino student


I care very much about all the Latino kids in my district- as well as all the other nationalities in

my district. In my household, 5 out of the 6 of us speak Spanish. As a State School Board

Member, I would support policy that improves student outcomes across the board. Improving

students’ literacy, math and science skills will improve the educational gaps that are found in all

demographics. As a state, we need to focus more on our student’s academic opportunities.

Questions from Connor Sanders from The SL Tribune

1. Why are you running?

I am running because I am concerned at the direction of the current State school board leadership

when it comes to the academic focus of our schools. I think that many parents and citizens share

my concerns and are looking for leaders who will support policy to improve the academic

outcomes in Utah. I am a parent of four children who have attended Murray School District

Schools. I have been involved in all of their elementary school classrooms and many secondary

school events and PTA leadership, and community council. I have a good understanding of the

issues that are pertaining to schools.

2. Are there cultural issues in schools that concern you, such as critical

race theory or the teaching of similar topics, social and emotional

learning programs, or the environment for LGBTQ students, and


The academic elites in the federal government and other academic institutions are promoting

cultural change in our schools. This includes teaching inaccurate history, sexual identity and

social ideologies that are divisive. This is concerning to many parents who want their children to

learn academic content at school (reading, writing, math, etc.) and let the culture be taught at


3. Post-pandemic, what do you think the state Board of Education’s

main focus (or focuses) should be in regards to supporting student


Post-pandemic, the State School Board of Education’s main focus should be to establish high

academic standards and create the environment and necessary scaffolding to help student achieve

those standards. I would help create policy that improves classroom instruction and hands-on

learning with more paper, pencils, and textbooks. I would also support policy that decreases the

dependance on computers.

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