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A Mom and a Concerned Citizen

As a mother of four children, I have spent time in every school my kids have attended helping in many ways. I have spent time on Elementary, Jr. High and High School PTA boards and a president for 7 years, Community Council, Renaissance/ Spartan Strong committee and chair, and as District Science Fair Coordinator. I have spent many hours trying to help with things that are needed and enjoyed at Murray High School and MCSD. I have recently seen the decline in the focus of our schools on academics. I have also seen policy that doesn't help maintain a good academic focus for our schools in Utah. I would like to be part of the school board that helps change that trajectory. If I get elected, I will support policy that helps local school districts focus on academic teaching and learning in the classrooms. I will support the policies that support parents being the most important influence in their kids lives and their education. I will support policies that help teachers enjoy teaching the subjects they love. I will support policies and changes that help direct funds to more directly help teachers and students in the classroom. 

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